When will the first version of the application be ready?

When will the first version of the application be ready? We hope that with the dedication and hard work of our engineers, we can have a first version very soon. For more details, please read StopCoro roadmap below and our backlog.

Test phase 5 after new requirements from stakeholders have been implemented and tested internally.

Automatic devices search implementation and release as opened source.

StopCoro is developed to meet African health needs, which are different from those of other continents.

StopCoro Roadmap:

Last modification: 22nd July 2020


The test and
release phases

of requirements

Start End Description
Pilot release xxth June 2020 XX June 2020

Decide with stakeholders where to start a pilot phase

Automatic device search and open source release
19th June 2020 xxth August 2020
  1. Learn Apple / Google Bluetooth Low Energy protocol for exposure notification
  2. Implement and test automatic devices search using Apple / Google API
    • Cryptography:
      • 21th June 2020: in work
    • Broadcasting:
      • 21th June 2020: in work
    • Scanning:
      • 21th June 2020: in work
  3. Deploy StopCoro as open source project in Github
Test Phase 5: Beta Test Phase: Found issues  24th July 2020  25th July 2020

Beta test in Cameroon to retest the following features after new requirements from stakeholders have been implemented and tested internally.

  1. Step 1: Download and install StopCoro
  2. Step 2: Get StopCoro Id and select your region
  3. Step 3: Scan for StopCoro contacts
  4. Step 4: Check Alerts for infected StopCoro contacts
  5. Test the digitalized case management in the Admin Portal: https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/global-covid-19-clinical-platform-novel-coronavius-(-covid-19)-rapid-version


User mobile number implementation
04th July 2020 22nd July 2020

The user shall have a possibility to enter a mobile number to be used by the server to send alert in case of a contact with a person tested COVID-19 positive. Change StopCoro app UUID to fit the new requirement.

Case Management implementation in the admin portal 29th June 2020 02nd July 2020

Digitalized the case management of WHO


Presentation and Demonstration at DSTI 08th June 2020 10th June 2020
  1. Added precautionary measures in the user app
  2. Second Presentation and demonstration of the final solution at Directorate of Science, Techonology and Innovation (DSTI) on 10th June 2020 at 5 PM Freetown time
Fixed test phases 3 and 4 found issues
03rd June 2020 05th June 2020

Fixed issues found during beta test in Sierra Leone (Sensi Tech Hub and KACHO Solutions)

Test Phase 4: Beta Test Phase  02nd June 2020  02nd June 2020

Beta test in Sierra Leone. Click on the following link to see the bugs reported at each step:

  1. Step 1: Download and install StopCoro
  2. Step 2: Get StopCoro Id and select your region
  3. Step 3: Scan for StopCoro contacts
  4. Step 4: Check Alerts for infected StopCoro contacts
Fixed test phase 3 issues 01st June 2020 01st June 2020

Fixed issues found during beta test

Test Phase 3: Beta Test Phase: Found issues
30th Mai 2020 31st Mai 2020

Beta test in Cameroon, Côte d'ivoire, Germany, NorwaySierra Leone and South Korea  . Click on the following link to see the bugs reported at each step:

  1. Step 1: Download and install StopCoro
  2. Step 2: Get StopCoro Id and select your region
  3. Step 3: Scan for StopCoro contacts
  4. Step 4: Check Alerts for infected StopCoro contacts

Registered testers: 30st Mai 2020: 62

Beta preparation 29th Mai 2020 29th Mai 2020 Internal test, release in play store for beta test
Final integration of new features 20th Mai 2020 29th Mai 2020 Integration and internal test of all new features from Sierra Leone
Rewiew user app
29th Mai 2020 29th Mai 2020 Review and update of implemented user app features with Sierra Leonean Stakeholders
Update user app
25th Mai 2020 28th Mai 2020

User app update with Sierra Leonean new features

  • 28th Mai 2020:
    • Administration Portal Test ongoing in Sierra Leone
    • Processing of User app Sierra Leone feedbacks ongoing
    • Administration Portal Integration and internal test done
Rewiew Admin Portal
23rd Mai 2020 23rd Mai 2020 Review and update of implemented Admin Portal features with Sierra Leonean Stakeholders
Development of Sierra Leone's Features 18th Mai 2020 22nd Mai 2020
  • Administration Portal: Feature for medical doctors to enter the details of patients they have already tested and are positive.
  • Maps: Showing hot spots: Users have to first select district, chiefdom and then the section they reside in.
Test Phase 2 and Repair: Found issues
10th Mai 2020 17th Mai 2020
  • Second package with fixes from the first package released for testing on 14th Mai 2020 at 9:19 PM for testing in Cameroon, Germany and Sierra Leone
  • First Package released on 10th Mai 2020 at 10:05 AM for beta tests in Cameroon, Germany and many African countries. Thanks to all testers in Africa and Germany. Let's bring the best quality app for our people and help slow the spread of COVID-19 and accelerate the return of everyday life in Africa.
Log only people we physically met: Brainstorming, Development and Test  29th April 2020  10th Mai 2020 Develop a new scenario which will give the user the possibility to control the contamination chain himself, reduce the possibility of false alerts due to the Bluetooth technology thereby reducing the dependence of StopCoro on doctors who will not have definitely time to manage a software database. They are already tired of working with patients with coronavirus (COVID-19) and StopCoro tasks should not be added to it.
Repair Phase 1 27th April 2020

28th April 2020

27th April 2020


Done on 28th April 2020

Fix issues found in Test phase 1

Monday 27th April 2020, we could not test the solution that we implemented because of the lack of electricity and internet. How are we going to do? We accept the situation and do the rescheduling. That is the different between Africa and other continents.

Test Phase 1 25th April 2020 26th April 2020 Tracking people who infected with COVID-19: first field test with a small group of people in Cameroon and in Germany
System integration and test of different modules 23rd April 2020 24th April 2020 Done
Track people having COVID-19: Brainstorming, Development and Test 4th April 2020 22nd April 2020

What motivated us to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread ?

Seeing what was reported on TV stations and social media about the state of coronavirus (COVID-19) spread in Cameroon, we said we must take our responsibilities with respect this pandemic. We saw people loosing their lives around us everyday and we could no longer continue to do research and development while the virus is spreading exponentially. For this reason, April 4, 2020 we started to discuss what should be our contribution for the fight against the spread of the virus in our country and in Africa in general. We spent the whole weekend brainstorming about possible solutions, based on the technology we mastered. On April 6, 2020 we decided to stop the research and development of integrated circuits and IT solutions to devote ourselves solely to find solutions to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We came out with a scenario of tracking people who are infected by COVID-19. That is how everything started. Why did we decide to use the technology we mastered? Simply because it is a race against time. Using a new technology means loosing time while learning and this may take months. Not doing something would have been very bad for our values.


StopCoro Backlog:

After the implementation of the bugs found during the field tests of scenario 3, we will continue with the development of the following requirements inside our backlog:

  1. Document all source code and features to fulfill TonkaIn and open source development standards (Coding Guidelines)
  2. Release the code to open source
  3. Develop the about and disclaimer pages of the application
  4. Integrate audio reading for people who can't read and write
  5. Develop a feature to alert people not having smartphones with Android or iOS operating system (elderly people)
  6. Provide the rules to follow during the pandemic and information relating to its evolution in its region or country
  7. Provide information on health centers capable of treating the sick or capable of diagnosing the disease
  8. Provide COVID-19 test result in real time: No need to call the test center or travel long distances
    to get it.
  9. Contact a doctor online who will ask personalized questions to help diagnose the condition
  10. Develop a chat bot to answer questions about COVID-19


Test Result:

Find the bug in StopCoro

Beta test phase


Tester Number of issues fixed
Rén 4
Sni 1
Kin 1
Char 3
Mer 3
Fan 1
Bla 1
May 1


Step 1: Download and install StopCoro


ID Summary Expected Behaviour
Operating System version Prio Status Tester Date Comments
17 I’ve found an other error. When clicking on deny Bluetooth at the beginning the app still connects to the Bluetooth and runs normally The Bluetooth connection should be stopped if I denied the connection.     terminated May 09.06.2020

10.06.2020: Mer: This is needed so that your device is visible to other devices before you can start scanning.

16 I have noticed that it is possible to cross the region selection without selecting a region. This can be done by flipping it to the left. Doing that causes the system to malfunction. I propose  we make it impossible to access the Id without selecting the region. Stop the flipping     done Ulr 02.06.2020

03.06.2020: Ars: will be fixed

02.06.2020: Mer: Fix it in the next version.

15 The color of proposals for district, chiefdom and section should be in grey It should be in grey. When the user selects it, it becomes black     done Ulr 02.06.2020

03.06.2020: Ars: will be fixed

02.06.2020: Mer: Fix it in the next version.

14 The number of seconds the Bluetooth connection shall not be displayed at startup
This shall be shown only when the user clicks on scan contacts. The Bluetooth shall be switched on at main menu page and not during the installation.     done Ulr 02.06.2020

03.06.2020: Ars: will be fixed

02.06.2020: Mer: Fix it in the next version.


Move the region selection directly inside the app so that the user don't need internet connection to get it.

Impossible to choose the region. This arises when the user by passes the user is not connected to the internet. The cause is that the indicators region, district, and section is not onboard, it pops from the server.

      VxFuture Sni 30.05.2020

03.06.2020: Ars: will be fixed: We will add a button to ask that will ask the user to connect to internet to get that information instead of asking to restart the application.

02.06.2020: Mer: Fix it in the next version.

01.06.2020: Ulr:It arises when the user is not connected to the internet at that particular moment. The cause is that the indicators: region, district, and section is not onboard, it loads from the server. Putting it onboard will solve the issue.

12 User App shutdown when turning the orientation from portrait to landscape     1 Done  Mer 30.05.2020

01.06.2020: Mer: Implemented. Only portrait is allowed

31.05.2020: Ars: in work

31.05.2020: Mer:Please fix

11 Admin Portal shutdown after I registered the first patient was about to start registering the second patient   8.1.0 1 in investigation Cha 30.05.2020

31.05.2020: Ars: Find the root cause and fix it.

31.05.2020: Mer: Please check what may be the issue.

10 Unable to install StopCoro in some Android Smartphones Specify which Android's  version StopCoro     in work    30.05.2020

31.05.2020: Ars: Find which version of Android is supported by StopCoro

31.05.2020: Mer: Test StopCoro in different Android versions. Find out which Android version doesn't support Bluetooth.


Step 2: Get StopCoro ID and select your region


ID Summary Expected Behaviour
Operating System version Prio Status Tester Date Comments
9 Icon sizes should be the same in the main menu       in observation Ulr 02.06.2020

05.06.2020:This will be done during the validation in Sierra Leone. Stakeholders will say how they want to have it.

02.06.2020: Mer: Please fix that.

8  Add scrollbar in the page "Register my region"  The user shall be able to scroll to "section" if his screen is very small      Done  Fan  30.05.2020 01.06.2020: Mer: Fixed

31.05.2020: Mer: Please fix that.


Step 3: Scan for StopCoro contacts


ID Summary Expected Behaviour
Operating System version Prio Status Tester Date Comments
 7 Alarm is ringing, where as his contact is not registered positive       done  Bla   31.05.2020

31.05.2020: Ars: Remove the sound.

30.05.2020: Mer: Check why it is happening in some smartphones and fix that.


Make the following changes to the text "Selected contacts have been saved successfully":

- Remove bold.

- Put the size to 12 px

      done  Mer 30.05.2020

31.05.2020: Ars: in work30.05.2020: Mer: Please fix

5 Change the text "Your anonymous identifier" to "Your identifier" so that it is enough space to display other texts if the smartphone screen is very small.       done  Mer  30.05.2020

31.05.2020: Ars: in work

30.05.2020: Mer: Please fix


Step 4: Check Alerts for infected StopCoro contacts


ID Summary Expected Behavior
Operating System version Prio Status Tester Date Comments
4 The alert message shall be updated

The following text shall be shown as alert:

You have been in contact with a person that has tested positive. Please isolate yourself from people and observe yourself. Please call 117 if you feel sick or show symptoms related to covid- 19!

    in observation Char 02.06.2020

03.06.2020: Mer: Please wait for Char input.

02.06.2020: Mer: waiting from SL input

3 The alert message is covered by the close button, if they are many infected contacts (More than 15) The alert message shall not be covered by the close button     done Char 02.06.2020 02.06.2020: Mer: Please fix and update the test case
2 Alert message box shows time we made infected contacts and contact not infected Alert message box shall show only infected contacts.     done Char 02.06.2020

02.06.2020: Ars: Implemented and tested during Sensi Tech Hub testing

1 The French version doesn't have a hotline to call for help like the English version.        in observation kin 31.05.2020

04.06.2020: Mer: This will be done, if a Francophone country needs StopCoro

03.06.2020: Mer: This will be done, when



Test Phase 2 and Repair: Found issues


Tester Number of issues fixed
Flam  1
Mer 3


ID Summary Expected Behavior
Operating System version Prio Status Tester Date Comments

Good morning to all. Concerning the application test, each time I click on "rechercher mes contacts", the application starts counting from 1 to 5 and latter on tells me there is no contact found. I see it to be rather unfortunate, seeing it counting makes me think it is detecting the contacts and counting them to tell me at the end of the counting procedure how many contacts it found. I'm suprised to discover at the end that it was counting something else, but not what l( the user) was expecting.

I wish I could have more enlightenment on the counting and if propose it should instead be done in the background, out of the user's sight.   3 done Ulr   15.05.20: Ars: We will remove that. the goal of that was to detect some bug notice by one of the tester. thanks for the remark

So if I have understood, it means I need to ask the identifier of each person with whom I am before registering them. If yes, I think it might be okay when in a hall, what if we are in a market or station, where people are moving in all directions. Should I also in this case ask for their identifiers?

If this is what is to be done during the functioning of the application, I think I will prefer the system to consider people found at 10m away from me as close contacts than for me asking from people around to be giving me their identifiers in order for me to register them, not forgetting that the identifiers are supposed to be anonymous(no other person should know to who belongs the identifier appart from the owner). Just imagine we are at the road side, market, or bus as said in the app description, I think it will not be easy to be asking people around to give us their identifiers, more to that, even if they were to give, I see it dificult for a user to be asking such a thing from a person he knows well, not talking about people he does not know. I think by trying to solve the problem of knowing who is a close contact and who is not, we brought in a bigger problem in the system, except the app does not function as I think.

    1 done Ulr 15.05.20

15.05.20: Mer: We need clear clarification on how this basic feature should work, so that the user can use it easily.


A select all button will be available.


When I click for the search for contacts button (a feature), i get taken to another page where I have to choose to active search or save search.... if I click on activate contacts.

If no contact is found, i get a message saying no contact found.

1- Clicking of the close button here should take me to the menu page... not close the app

2- Also <the save button should be greyed out until a search has been conduct and contacts found.>

 I should be able swap between features without being forced to close the app.  8.1.0 1 done Char  

 15.05.20: Ars:

1- The back button will be move down so the user can see it.


2- The color of the text will be change to grey.

15 Map. Incomplete, i understand why.    8.1.0 3 done Char 15.05.20 15.05.20: Mer: We will start working on it
14 My friend checks for infected contacts.. infected contact found (086). This ok.
<My friend did not get an automatic alert.. i was expecting him to be alerted as soon as he turns his phone on>
User should be automatically notified when there is a new contact alert.  8.1.0 1 done Char 15.05.20

15.05.20: Ars: The alert will be send 5 seconds. In the current version for testing was 2 minutes.

13 Alert my contact.. was ok.. please not we do not need this feature on the user portal. Only authorised personnel should be able to confirm cases.    8.1.0 1 done Char 15.05.20

15.05.20: Mer: For Sierra Leone version, we will have this possibility only in the administration portal. Only authorised personnel will be able to use this feature.

12 What happened when i click on the search for contacts the very first time - The first search goes to  search contacts in the phone's address book... this must not happen    8.1.0 1 Terminated Char 15.05.20

16.05.20: Mer: Not reproducible.15.05.20: Ars: Please uninstall the app and install it again. Once you launch the app for the first time, click on the search contacts and capture the screen. Normally this should not happen.

11 When the application is launched for the first time, if the internet connection is not available, StopCoro complaints and if you switch on the internet connection, you still not be able to continue. You have to shutdown the app and restart it again. Expected behavior: Once the internet connection is available, StopcCoro shall allow the user to continue without restarting it.   Android 7.0    Done Mer 13.05.20 13.05.2020: Ars:Updated the workflow
10 When the application is launched for the first time, if the device is not connected to internet, the an error message is displayed to the user saying error code. This message shall be written properly so that the user can understand what to do next.   Android 8.0.0    Done  Mer  13.05.20 13.05.2020: Ars: Implemented
9 In the last page we should have "Anonymous Identifier" instead of "Anonymous" only.   Android 10    Done Mer 12.05.20  
8 Close StopCoro is missed in the last page. After checking my infected contacts, I think we should have a clos button to close the message box, and later on the application   Android 8.0.0    done  Mer 12.05.20 13.05.2020: Ars: This will be added in almost all pages so that the user is able to close it whenever he is done
7 l'application crash dèsqu'on clique sur "Rechercher mes contacts"   Android 5.1.1 lolipop  1 done Ovi 10.05.20

13.05.2020: Ars: Will discuss with the tester as soon as he is available.

12.05.2020: Ars: Vérifier avec Ovi pourquoi ca ne marche pas sur sa version d'Android.

6 Aucune alerte recu comme m'avertissant que j'étais à côté de quelqu'un qui s'est déclaré comme positif au coronavirus Je pars, je me declare comme infecté sur un appareil, puis je pars sur l'autre je fais une recherche  Android 5.1.1 lolipop  1 done  Ovi


13.05.2020: Ars: Wating to get the tester as soon as he is available. We think that he did not use it correctly.

Flam: Une fois que je me suis signalé comme infecté, j'ai pû voir c hez Cedric qu'il a été en contact avec une personne infectée.

Ars: Vérifier avec Ovi pourquoi ca ne marche pas sur sa version d'Android.

5 J'ai aussi note une exception qui a été lève mais je n'ai pas pu lire JavaException ....        Terminate  Ovi 11.05.20 Ars: C'est juste dans la version de test. La version Play Store n'aura pas cela.
4 Absence de logo   Android 8.1  1  Done Flam 11.05.20  
3 Lors du premier lancement nous avons ces 4 pages qui présentent les aspects. Et à chacune d'elles, nous devons clicker sur "continuer". Il en est de même à la ré-ouverture chaque fois. Ne serait-il pas mieux que, lors de la toute première ouverture nous avons toutes ces pages et toutes les autres fois suivante on présente juste une page qui résume toutes les 4. De ce fait, en appuyant juste une fois sur "continuer" on tombe directement aux fonctionnalités de l'appli     1 Done Flam 11.05.20  12.05.2020: Ars: Une fois l'app demarre pour la deuxième fois, l'app va directement à la page 4.

A- En 1: j'opterais pour Votre identifiant d'utilisateur est :

B- En 2: on dirait un champ de saisie et ca pousse l'utilisateur à vouloir renseigner un nom. Ce qui m'amène à poser cette question, est-ce vos identifiants dans la base de données est juste une succession de 6 caractères uniquement numérique? Si oui alors le max est 999999 (~1million) pour un pays de près de 25 millions d'habitants.

    2 Done Flam


12-05.2020: A- Ars: On va changer à identifiant anonyme

B- Ars: C'est une chaine de caractères et non de chiffres. Donc on peut génerer des milliards d'identifiants.

1 Check my contacts: Étant donné que c'est une application qui tourne en arrière plan, je pense qu'il serait bien d'émettre une notification dès que le contact avec une personne infectée est fait.   Android 8.1 1 done Flam


12.05.2020: Ars: tu lance les deux appareil  tu recherches et tu clique sur le bouton de save And close en suite tu te rassure juste que l'autre téléphone est connecté en moins de 5min tu devrais l'entendre sonner.

13.05.2020: Flam should check with another smartphone.




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