Who are we?

We are working at TonkaIn in Bangangté, Cameroon. We are dedicated engineers, with a common goal of advancing Africa in high technology. We have expertise in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and classic communication, encryption, data protection and in the development of applications and embedded systems.

With our partner Kacho Solutions in Sierra Leone, we developed StopCoro.

Our Commitment

It is clear to us that we must take responsibility for this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We can no longer continue to do research and development while the virus is spreading exponentially around us. For this reason, we have decided to stop research and development of integrated circuits and IT solutions to devote ourselves solely to finding solutions to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). StopCoro is one of the solutions we are currently working on. We also support young students at the University of the Mountains in Bangangté, by offering them academic internships or offering them bachelor or master thesis that we supervise ourselves. In addition, one of these young engineers (Yvan Djemi) has developed under the supervision of TonkaIn a solution that allows you to wash your hands without becoming infected with coronavirus, taking into account the African realities. For more information, please click on the following link: ASIT (Automatic Sensor Infrared Tap) developed by the engineer Yvan Djemi.

Where is our engineering laboratory located?

Our research and development laboratory is located in Bangangté, in the Mandja district, rue du festival (Carrefour Gustave Niat).

Bangangté is a department in the western region of Cameroon.

Cameroon is located in central Africa.

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For more information about what we do and who we are, visit TonkaIn website.

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Last modified: 24th April 2020

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